by Cruelist

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at John The Revelator Recordings.
Produced by: Cruelist and John The Revelator Recordings.
Artwork: Antiprysm
Out on: Destroy it Yourself records in tape format.
Special guests: Paulo Rui (Redemptus/Besta); Sofia M.L.(Lodge/Vaee Solis)
All songs and lyrics by Cruelist.


released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Cruelist Porto, Portugal

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Track Name: Silence Yourself
A life of thoughts
Echoing in your skull
The silence in your eyes
Stares back harder as you fall.
A nightmare's goin 'on
While my eyes are wide open
As you fall!

The remains of my conscience
Are still fighting to remember
The exit from this maze
Never seems to appear.

Lips are stitched and sealed
Silence yourself!
Eyes are stitched and sealed
Silence yourself!
Track Name: Masquerade
Have you, reached the bottom?
I have my feet on the ground
Do you, recall us?
I've forgotten everyone

Standing strong
Watching your fall
Is it never ending?
Remember who you were.

Misplaced and hovering
In the world's masquerade
Track Name: Elegy
Cursed my freedom
Without asking permission
Took it for granted
If only you could weigh this burden
It's heavier than the heaviest,

Your eyes into mine
Scorn's scent alive
Imperfect goodbye
Time to die.

I await no return,
I'm better off here
So here I'll remain
If only you could see through smoke,
Than you would know,
Blindness stings your eyes.
Track Name: A Burning Fire
In your eyes
An unending void
A hidden sea
A floating sorrow

I hope you'll find the light
A burning fire

A thousand eyes observing
And they barely see
This wave will drown
The ship will go down

In this world(wound)
Scarred souls
Filled with nothing
But this delusion( and this is losing)

I hope you'll find the light
A burning fire
Track Name: Open Wounds
Escaping the world's negativity
Escaping through the unreal
Forgetting how to feel,
Open wounds that never heal.

When I hear what you say,
When I see what you show,
I hear the noisy silence,
I see the abstract glow.

To never know, is what keeps me going.
Track Name: Derailing
Promised light
Darkest flame
Haunting reminder
Of a soul derailing
Noisy silence
Deaf regret
Lasting kiss
There's nothing left

I'll remember the hand
I know I wasn't there
I was gone long before
I'l remember that you were not.
Track Name: Tomb of Secrets
Soaked in lies unspoken
The secrets kept unbroken
For how long can we hold 'em?
Hold 'em inside ourselves..

Tomb Of Secrets
Crush me slowly

Exposed implosion
Twisting thoughts
Forever aching
Bury it deep in you
Track Name: Shattered and Crushed
Desintegrating world
Shattered and crushed
But still beating
Mesmerizing spin
Going down to hell
But still standing.

Choking in faith
Kneel down and pray
Just keep waiting
Mother nature
Won't you come?
It's still beating.